March 15th, 2021 · Be the first to comment

My new book, A World Without Email, was released two weeks ago. I’m pleased to announce that it was an immediate New York Times bestseller, so I want to thank you, my long time readers, for supporting this launch.

I thought before I return to my regularly scheduled programming (trust me, I’m eager to start writing on topic others than just email), it might be useful to round up a few of the more interesting articles and interviews about the book from the launch week.

So here we go…

Featured Articles Written By Me

  • “Email is Making Us Miserable,” The New Yorker
  • “Email and Slack Have Locked Us in a Productivity Paradox ,” WIRED
  • “Had It With Email? Give Personal Office Hours a Try,” Fast Company
  • “Stop Giving Clients Your Personal Email. Here’s Why,” Entrepreneur

Featured Reviews

  • “The Battle with the Inbox,” Wall Street Journal
  • “Email Broke the Office. Here’s how to Fix It.” GQ
  • “Technology has Turned Back the Clock on Productivity,” The Financial Times
  • “The Scourge of Work Email is Far Worse Than You Think,” The Financial Times
  • “Can we really banish email from the workplace? Author Cal Newport says yes,” Fortune
  • “How to drastically reduced the time you spend on emails,” Fast Company
  • “The Man Who Thinks We Should Ignore Our Email,” The Sunday Times
  • “A World Without Email by Cal Newport review — overthrowing the tyranny of email,” The Times of London

Featured Interviews